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So much new fan art!

My muse has been on a serious roll lately, and unfortunately for the readers of my multiple stagnating fanfiction projects, she's been focused on drawing rather than writing. The first one is the shiny new journal header you might have noticed at the top of the page, entitled "The Angels Have the Phone Box", which I drew after finally getting caught up in Doctor Who (I completely adore that show, and Rory has joined Angel and Castiel in the ranks of my all-time favorite characters). The rest of it is Harry Potter fan art. I blame the last movie (which I loved), since I've never been inspired to draw this much HP art before. Enjoy!



Oh, and there's also Ravenclaw Bag 3.0, which I made last month. Like the Angel bag I posted pictures of last summer, this bag is made entirely out of duct tape, except for some marker detail I did on the crest. But everything from the eagle itself to the individual letters in Ravenclaw to the tiny stripes on the shield were cut out of duct tape. I have plans to make a TARDIS bag next.


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Sep. 20th, 2011 07:47 am (UTC)
Love your new banner. Quite a talent, girl.

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